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Pete McAdams - 20 miles

I rode in the 2017 TennSpeed on the 20 mile route. Reaching my $500 fundraising minimum was a lot more simple than I expected. I really just did two things:

  • Shared my fundraising page on social media

  • Asked for donations at my church

After I talked to my deacon and deaconess ministry and shared with them what I was trying to accomplish for our local youth through TennSpeed and Martha O’Bryan Center, the response was truly a blessing. That, along with reaching friends through Facebook, I was able to reach my minimum through the generosity of others. Looking forward to 2019!


Sally Robertson - 30 miles

I participated in the inaugural ride in 2017 and will be riding again in 2019! I rode the 30 mile option with a fundraising minimum of $750. It was a lot easier to fundraise than I expected, but here are a few ways I reached my goal:

  • I made an announcement at church and had the church secretary include a link to my fundraising page in the church e-newsletter - This is where I got most of my funds!

  • Asked co-workers

  • Asked people I met through other charity events

  • Asked my son

  • I added a link to my fundraising page to my Facebook

After doing all of that, I met my minimum pretty quickly and was ready to ride! Can’t wait to participate again this year!


Paul Hoffmann - 60 miles

This is my second year as a TennSpeed cyclists as well as team captain. I have supported Martha O’Bryan Center for many years and decided to support their new ride! I will be riding the 60 Mile route in 2019 and fundraising for myself as well as helping my teammates. We were able to “share” our fundraising so everyone on our team met their minimums. A few ways my team ensured we met our goals were:

  • Hosted a team party at my house where friends made a small donation

  • Shared my Team Page link on social media

  • Sent emails to friends and family asking them to make a donation

  • Had a potluck at work where my coworkers made donations

It was pretty simple and I raised my $1,000 minimum pretty quickly. Not only was I able to meet my minimum, but my team was able to exceed our fundraising goal. I’m excited for the changes this year’s ride has in store and am looking forward to the 2019 TennSpeed Ride!